About Us

We are Ideastore (HK) Limited, a Hong Kong-based printing company equipped with the most advanced digital printing machines, providing printing solutions with specialty design options.


We provide digital printing services at reasonable prices, which can reduce production costs and further increase profit margins.


The benefits of digital printing:

  • Print-on-demand - No limitation on minimum printing quantity
  • Reprint anytime and allow variations of cover
  • Customized printing specification, binding and finishing options
  • Local production house with high production efficiency and allow rush orders
  • Print-on-demand to avoid extra storage costs, which are extremely high in Hong Kong


With strict quality management, we have been providing excellent service like complimentary set of color proofs and delivery in batches etc., to our customers including design house, financial printers, publishers, schools and education centers over the years.


We have rich experiences in different types of products like school-based products (exercise books, textbooks, folders), hardcover books (sewing album and yearbook), art books (comics / illustration / photo books, novels etc.), financial reports with different binding and finishing options, paper-based documents etc. Attached the brief introduction of our company and sample photos for your kind reference.



本頁圖片/檔案 - image2Our advanced equipment:

  • FUJIFILM Revoria Press PC1120 (max. 6-color, high-resolution and stable image output quality)

* Apart from the standard 4-color CMYK, it also supports specialty toners like white, gold, silver and pink, , which allows a brighter and vivid tone of the image.

  • Work best for printing albums, annual reports, postcards, cards, leaflets, stickers, boxes, etc.










Self Photos / Files - productKonica Minolta Digital Inkjet Roll-form Printer (Economical option for products with large quantity)
- CMYK Inkjet Printing, effect similar to traditional printing
- Roll-form printing allows shorter printing time, lower production costs and thus more affordable prices
- Suitable for massive production of textbooks, annual reports, novels, statements and leaflets etc.







Self Photos / Files - 45444Canon Digital Inkjet Printer (Contents with pictures, text, and large quantity printing)

* Standard 4-color CMYK, the effect is close to the traditional printing, but the price is more affordable.

* Suitable for textbooks, annual reports, novels, leaflets, admission tickets, etc.









For more information on our wide range of products and services, please feel free to contact us at info@ideastore.com.hk or whatsapp +852 9088 1130 and request for a quotation. We also welcome you to make an appointment for a site visit to our factory.


Thank you for your attention and we look forward to working with you.







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